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The Great Loop

Living in the Pacific Northwest where the cruising is limitless. Literally thousands of miles of coastline with too many anchorages to list. So why am I drawn to the Great Loop. Not sure but I like history , not a history buff, but I will always stop to read the plaque on old buildings. I have zero time on the "Loop" so  please someone send me an email with   a tale or two of your time on the water anywhere during your navigation of the Loop. 

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           This is where I will post

              Places Well Traveled. 

By "well" I mean it was interesting, fun or enjoyable. No horror stories here!

I Live in Washington State near LaConner and the American Tug Factory ,so you will hear about the PNW a lot. However if a happy boater wants to contribute a short Tip on where to cruise a what a great time they had. I will be happy to post it here. At my discretion of course, and hopefully yours.